Patrick Tichy


Born in Hull, Yorkshire and raised in Salzburg, Austria.

Ka-pow, that’s usually my party trick, but there it is…

Leaving Austria aged 19 to live in London I studied and worked my way up in Experimental Filmmaking, Photography and Directing.

After college I started doing running jobs on everything under the sun. A music video here, a deferred payment job there. Squatting in Brixton, doing installations at raves. London in the 90s..., wouldn't have missed it for the world.

A documentary called "The weekend starts here", chronicling a concert by Fatboy Slim & The Chemical Brothers at Red Rocks, Denver was my first directing TV music doc gig.

After various music-related jobs from Miami to Ibiza via a Gumball 3000 Rally with the Cuban Brothers I spent time at several Online Departments like Sky, Bravo and Sony honing my skills.

This was the next stepping stone towards TV commercials for Garmin, DTA, Clothes Show Live and corporates for DuPont, American Express and Porsche. Then there were music and comedy shows for Bestival, Altitude, V Fest, etc.

Now that I’m living in Berlin - strategically placed between London and Vienna (note to self, must invent the Goulasch Pie), I’m looking for representation by a TVC production company for the UK/Euro market.